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Meet Your Instructors

The dietitian chefs & culinary medicine specialists at To Taste are excited to teach you!

Founder and Culinary Nutrition Expert

Chef Vahista Ussery, MS, MBA, RDN

Chef V’s nutrition philosophy is all about keeping it simple. She likes how journalist Michael Pollan puts it: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Focus on consuming a variety of whole and natural foods. Load up on fruits and vegetables (especially vegetables) and make your plate colorful and tasty! Stay away from fads and look around the world for real life examples of longevity.

Founder and Culinary Nutrition Expert

Chef Lindsey Schoenfeld, RDN

Chef Lindsey encourages people to stop looking for the “next big thing”. Make small changes, look for fewer ingredients, incorporate more whole foods, and always add more plants!

Community Engagement Strategist and Culinary Nutrition Specialist

Lexi Cole, RD, CCMS

Lexi believes that eating healthfully should be enjoyable, sustainable, and fulfilling. Choosing plant-forward and minimally-processed foods is the best way that we can ensure that the foods we put in our body maintain our health. Learning basic culinary skills can help us along the path to health and is a fantastic tool to take with us throughout our entire lives!

Course Outline

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    Let's Get Cooking!

    • Mise en Place (everything in its place)

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    Next Steps

    • Great Job! Here's What's Next.

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